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tv   9 News at Noon  NBC  November 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm MDT

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. we start with a celebration 108 years in the making.
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michigan avenue. no shortage of excitement out there right now. before the hour's long parade started, hundreds of thousands of people flooded into grant park along lake michigan and some of the cubs in the spirit celebrating a huge win for the history books. so up next, grant park. here's a sight to see. lots admiring what happened. getting ready for today's festivities, they change the color of the river for st. patrick's day.
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blue. very fitting. check out blue bird skies over the flat irons now. mainly sunny and dry. there are parts of colorado that will finally see snow. well. we see more blue in the sky. temperatures in the 60s and upper 50s in northern colorado and well county. around the metro area, temperatures in the mid to low 60s. your highs today are still above normal for this time of of year. upper 60s and 60s and low 70s. near the divide, 40s and 50s.
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dry. temperatures in the 50s by the time you may want to take jackets for the stands. dry across most of the state. we're seeing moisture creep into the san juans. more of it to the south of that because of the storm. it's kind of sitting over southern wyoming. a winter weather advisory will go in effect. we'll talk about that and >> thanks. the fbi and new york police department is looking into the possibility of an al qaeda terror attack against the u.s. on eve of election day. new york, texas, virginia are mentioned as potential targets. there's not much information beyond that. the department of homeland security is looking into other attacks that could create confusion on election day. some possible scenarios include attack on the u.s. power grid or
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-- shuts down the internet. most likely they're using social media to drop false information about candidates. >> hillary clinton sending another family mending to colorado. today her husband bill clinton is in town. this after her daughter chelsea spent two days in colorado earlier this week. he spoke to a crowd at union depot all of those events will likely hold the same message encouraging voters to turn in ballots.
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final stop at 7:00 at the aurora center for active adults. busy day for both campaigns. someone tried to make a point with paint at one campaign office. it's one location exclusive headquarters for trump campaign. whoever this vandal was, they painted crude words on the side of the building. volunteers noticed graffiti on the side of the building when they arrived at office at 18th avenue this morning in the north capitol hill neighborhood. so far, no made. here's one way to get out of doing house work. it seems washing clothes can be a dangerous job, that is if you're using a samsung top loading washing machine. the company is recalling the machines. one person got a broken jaw. the recall involves 34 models sold since march 2011. we've listed them all on our website 9
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if you're wondering what to do with the left over candy, we have just the solution to save you a lot of calories. trust us. jersey boys coming back to denver. this time there's a lot of colorado in that cast. we'll let you meet one of the
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. overlooking the mile high we have the mix of clouds and sun. lately we're getting viewer pictures that are awesome. joey carpenter sent this in of iridescent clouds. the high clouds contain tiny ice particles and crystals that spread out the light. it causes this illusion.
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that's an awesome picture joy. out here in the backyard, blue over my head. the temperatures are at 55 degrees. let's take a look at the weather across the state starting off with currents in northern colorado. 50s, upper 60s out east. in the mountains, upper 40s now. this afternoon, highs in the high country 50s and 60s. 70s south and southeast. mainly dry and calm day across most of the state. out in the going to start to see rain and snow formulate they are afternoon, evening, through tomorrow which is why a winter weather advisory will go in effect tomorrow afternoon. we could see icy and snow pack roads in the mountain passes you have to keep careful with those. there's a storm in arizona moving through the four corners tomorrow morning.
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through tonight, 11:00 p.m. quiet out here and out east. south of i-70, we have the chance of small showers along i-70 most the action contained over southern san juans through tomorrow afternoon and through tomorrow afternoon, we'll have clouds increase in the city. 40 your low tonight, skies partly cloudy here's your forecast. tomorrow high of 68 degrees. it will be mainly dry here. a small chance for showers in the foothills. remember we e time over the weekend. we set clocks back an hour saturday evening into sunday. sunday high of 66 degrees. after that, we start to see gradual cool down through next week. rapids are playing this sunday. they're taking on the galaxy.
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the tony award winning best musical injure say boys is coming -- musical jersey boys is coming back to denver. you'll know all of their hit songs like can't take my eyes off of you. one of my favorites -- oh what a night. you know that one. oh yeah. one of those jersey boys is a colorado boy. matthew daily is here. he prays pray what a huge role. this is amazing. you're from colorado. any shoutouts you want to give? >> sure. my mom is out there watching. >> hey mom. >> my buddy paul dwire. there he is. >> i love it. how did you get your start? this is a great story for parents and kids that might be watching. >> i started when i was 9 years old. i saw a show at country dinner that's still around. i knew then and there that's
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i turned soccer and baseball bat and got tap shoes. i've been doing it ever since. >> it's so huge. the group is so well known. is that intimidating at all? >> a little bit. especially they're living breathing guys still alive, still come to the show. they're big supporters of the show. there's definitely a level of intimidation. it's also a level of adrenaline. it's super fun. >> it's got to be exciting. do you have a scene? what do you like the most? >> i love all of them. they all hold special places in my heart. >> i saw it a couple years ago. i'm telling you i could barely stay in my seat. songs are so good. >> what are the audiences like? what's been their reaction? >> it's so hard to go to the show and not have fun. it's way harder to go and not have fun than to just let
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they sing along. it's one big party. >> oh man. the fact that any given day like you said, some of the four seasons could be in the audience. got to be extra encourage. and so lively. the story is just so -- i love it because they stay so true to who they are. >> they don't sugar coat it. they don't -- they were these rough guys off the streets of jersey in the 50s. >> and >> that's right, they could. >> they made a living from it. so wonderful. you looking forward to having home cooking from mom? >> that's right. starting cooing. i'm ready, hungry. -- start cooking. >> i'm ready. i'm hungry. >> thank you matthew. >> thank you. >> you've got to see matthew at the show. in town next week only for six performances. that's it wednesday through sunday.
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. welcome to fix this presented by home adviser. the free and easy way to find the best home pros. >> don't know what to do with all that left over halloween candy? how about transforming it into something fall.
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looks amazing. >> it's good to be great. this is what your house probably looks like right now. two pumpkins. >> yes. >> we have ten times that amount of candy. >> then you just reach over, grab it, keep eating. before you know it, you've gone through half the pail. >> then you feel sick. >> i'm going to show you how to use a sugar cone to cut >> are you having a hard time controlling yourself around halloween candy this year? a thanksgiving cornucopia is the way to share with others and
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gather uneaten halloween candy and candy corn. they'll act as the stuffing. take a waffle sugar cone and soak in warm water 30 seconds and place in the microwave 30 more seconds. the end of the cone should be able to bend and move in place. if it does not, repeat the process. once the cone has this shape, stuff take plastic wrap and seal the end. use a decorative ribbon to tie it in place. now you can give these treats away or maybe eat one at a time. it's all about works control. the fullest of instructions is on 9 /fix this. >> that's a great idea.
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thanksgiving or fall parties, get togethers. put in healthier things or maybe not so healthy things but like an easy gift and creative too. >> build your cornucopia. we have had a debate. everyone here says cornucopia. online i've heard it corn-u-copia. >> people get angry about that word. we don't know what we're starting to go into the fall, thanksgiving theme. let's say you want to sit around and watch football on your flat screen tv. do you know how to hang your tv on the wall? a lot of people don't. if you don't do it right, it could fall down. >> that's my biggest fear. >> it could break or ruin your wall. we'll have an expert showing you how to hang your tv at 8:15 tomorrow morning. >> i've got a special craft that
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quite honestly it's more complicated than i thought it would be. it's a fun crafting make now to start decorating for thanksgiving. the holiday is still a few weeks away. have fun with kids as well. honestly, that's like art. put that on the wall as like a fall holiday cool thing. >> we'll show you how to do that
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. . are you looking for help with this fix this project?
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. we've been seeing former players come up and thank the fans and express gratitude. been 108 years since the cubs won the world series. hundreds of thousands of fans jamming in there to say con greats and go cubs. thanks for being with us.
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